We are proud to presentour state-of-the-art equipment, includingour 15 cold storageroomswith a storagecapacity of 2500 tons.

  • At Golden Fish, we are committed to the quality and freshness of ourproducts. That'swhywe use modern freezing techniques to preserve the quality of ourproductsuntilthey are delivered to ourcustomers. We store ourproducts in cutting-edge cold storageroomsequippedwithtemperature monitoring systems to ensure optimal storage conditions.
  • We are alsocommitted to adhering to the strictestEuropean standards for the preservation of fishproducts. Weensurethat all ourproducts are handledwith care and storedunder optimal conditions to guaranteetheirfreshness and quality.
  • At Golden Fish, we are proud of ourcommitment to the quality and freshness of ourfishproducts. We are confident thatyouwillbedelightedwith the quality of ourproducts and ourexceptional service.
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